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Fairy tale or non-sense?

Friday before the International Day of the Fairy Tale, this conversation took place.

"Sometimes I admire how people can have such imagination."

"Why do you say that? Don't you have dreams or magical thoughts of your own?"

"To me, life is what it is. What you see, is what you get. I can't summon or create anything else. I respect people who can but I am not one of them."

"How do you get motivated? What makes you get out of bed in the morning, ready to start a fresh day?"

"To be honest, I never think about that. I am happy enough if I make it through the day."

"How do you get joy of life, happiness from inexplicable events?"

"By respecting the fact you can. Tell me, how do you do that"?

"When walking through a park, everyting is vibrating with life. Poetry starts running through my veins. My words sound different, life flows, I feel more elegant. Each creature is a gift in a fairy tale I have the infinite honour of walking through. Does that sound stupid?"

"Not at all, more like something I will never experience. I am happy that people like you exist. Without you, this place would be infinitely boring."

Yup, we as Elven People have our work cut our for us


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