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The Flow of Life

A warm hello to my sweet readers, As many of you might know, I have two lives. Daytime I work as a Customer Service Representative, making each client feel unique. After working hours, I am a partner, mother of four and - of course - a writer. When an inbalance occurs in one of these areas, one notices which fragile balance life holds for us. It is said that successful people bend inbalance to create strength. That is exactly what I did. As from November, I will be able to advertise more, creating my two other books faster, as I will be working 90 %. It feels refreshing and inspiring to embark on this journey. I dare you to carry this news into the world and spread my story across the globe to have it read! To celebrate the autumn - best reading season ever - there will be something special! Read all about it on my Facebook page in 7 days.

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