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The Give-Away-Elve

‘How is this even possible? I have gone through so much effort and yet, there is not even a single thank you!’ This is a struggle many of us deal with in everyday life. The character in my story was no different. Read along because the best part is yet to come...

The give-away-Elve gave away all she had, every single day. Even the very best of her. Everything she owned, all she loved to do, she gave it all away. Anything to get a tiny bit of acknowledgment. If only the impossible would manifest: for everyone to like her. She felt humans were different, so she went down to the human world to have an inspirational look...

When she arrived in the human world, it took her a while to adjust. Things were a lot faster, more competitive and hasher than what she was used to. Yet, she persisted and after a few weeks, she found someone to follow up on. She noticed he was an important man. A Chief Executive Officer of a million dollar company. He had many employees and everyday presented more difficult and harsh decision to make, in order to keep himself and his company alive. The hardest thing for him to do was when he had to let go of people, because they were no longer true to who they were within his company. He could only watch how, on a regular basis, people lost themselves, whereas before they were such a good match to him and his company.

Suddenly, the Elve realised something major. He did everything to keep the Board (a difficult word for the important people who decide on the future of the company) happy. People were exactly the same as she was! They too were seeking for approval, acknowledgment, recognition. Maybe they didn’t go as far as wanting everyone to love them: some were selective in who they wanted to please, others were selective in the feeling they wanted reciprocated. Yet, all had one crucial thing in common: they didn’t do it because they loved it, but because they wanted to have something in return!

With the grandest smile ever, the Elve returned to her world. She flew to the Eldest straight away, asking them to put her down to sleep. After a lot of reasoning, they obliged her request. When she awakened, she flew out with glistening wings. The Elves who recognized her face in an instant, immediately started asking her for favours. When it made her happy, she obliged. When it didn’t give her any Energy, she refused. The give-away-Elve had become a Lucky Charm.

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